It’s the football season: a time football unites everyone in the world. The fun of this moment was what triggered K Buzz’s creativity to relate his everyday life to what happens on the field.

The melodic song was created in an attempt to pay respect to every real life footballer who entertains us and also in the same vein, relate football to how we skillfully navigate life on a daily.



Summertime is the perfect song to play on a hot summer day, driving with the windows down enjoying the great weather, as you sing along to the sweet vocals by Naomi N’tasha. Summertime is all about that special person you meet in the summer that makes you feel like all your problems have been taken away and a new beginning is about to start. Summertime boasts a great Duo Production by Dami Bones & Israel Music, driven by a deep baseline complimented by the raps of K Buzz.


Afro Love - EP

“Afro Love” is a compilation of different experiences with women in the pursuit to find happiness and love. When I think of Afro Love, I think of the deep afro culture in the art of music, and how deeply rooted music is loved in the black communities, which all begins in motherland Africa. African music can be looked as a tradition mainly played at gatherings at special occasions, the contribution of the African heritage has influenced a considerable amount of music around the world. As Africans we love to dance, to party and most definitely love to eat good food. This is the Afro Love for me.

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